CDA Verification Visits

To schedule an appointment to perform your CDA Verification Visit, please follow these steps:


  •  Go to the Council for Professional Recognition website.  Click Here.

  •  On the website, select the PD Specialist tab, scroll down in the drop- down menu and select, Find A PD Specialist.

  •  In the Search Criteria Field Center/Program Zip Code, fill-in 22407 to find my profile. 

  •  Select the green pin on the map for Fredericksburg, VA.

  •  Select the Contact button for Charlene and fill-out the Contact Information form.

  •  Once your request is received, I will email you to confirm the Verification Visit date. 

  •  Once a date is confirmed, I will provide you with my PDS Number for your CDA Application.

  • Thrive! does not charge a fee for the CDA Verification Visits.  An honorarium is provided to the PD Specialist from the Council for Professional Recognition.

The CDA certification process includes the following:

  • Attend 120 hours of early childhood education training in the 8 competency standards

  • Have professional work experience in a group-setting classroom for a minimum of 480 hours within the last 3 years

  • Develop a professional portfolio

  • Complete family questionnaires

  • Complete observation by a Professional Development Specialist

  • Complete a formal exam

  • Apply for the CDA credential

CDA course competency standards include:

  • Safe – To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

  • Physical – To advance physical and intellectual competence

  • Self – To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance

  • Families – To establish positive and productive relationships with families

  • Program Management – To ensure a well-run purposeful program that is responsive to participant needs

  • Professionalism – To maintain a commitment to professionalism

  • Observations & Assessment– To observe and assess children’s behavior for curriculum planning and individualized teaching

  • Child Development– To understand developmentally

If you have any additional questions or comments regarding the certification process and/or course competency standards, please contact the Council for Professional Recognition at their website. Click Here

Helpful Hints
for the 
CDA Verification Visit
  • Coordinate Date and Time with the Center Director
  • Appropriate Teacher to Student Ratio
  • Have the Following Available Prior to the CDA PD Specialist's Arrival:
    • Photo Identification

    • CDA Portfolio

    • Age-Appropriate CDA Workbook (Current Version)