About Us

Thrive! Early Childhood Education Professionals, LLC is a local early childhood education company which specializes in Kindergarten Readiness for early learners in preparation for Kindergarten; and Early Childhood Education Seminars and Workshops for ECE professionals. 


Our Mission

It is our mission to enthusiastically provide access to high-quality services so that we may continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.


We aspire to be recognized as a leading provider of quality consultation, professional development, and educational services.   

We are dedicated and strive to be a change agent in the field of early childhood education for young learners and educators.

Our Philosophy

Here at Thrive! - Our philosophy is that educators greatly influence a child’s quality of education.  We also believe as a local company, we have a benefit of building lasting relationships with parents and facilitate parental interaction in their child's educational journey.  Our personal touch ensures your child receives the one-on-one guidance and direction from their Thrive! Program Specialist to successfully implement their personalized Kindergarten Readiness learning plan.


Many children of our Thrive! team have been through the Virginia school system. We live here and are aware of the common struggles, strengths, weaknesses and ‘gaps’ that need to be filled before a child enters Kindergarten.  We are aware that more often times than not, these ‘gaps’ are addressed in a center-based preschool environment.  The early childhood professionals here at Thrive! understands that all children learn differently.  It has been proven that smaller class sizes and lower teacher to student ratios have a significant influence in a child’s academic achievement. 


Why You Should Choose Us?

At Thrive! your child will have the benefit of a one-on-one, hands-on, undivided attention experience with an early childhood professional to enrich and develop their cognitive, social, language, and motor skills based upon a personalized Kindergarten Readiness learning plan. Being a part of the local community, we have a vested interest in the success of our early learners and to be of assistance to their parents through the navigation of educational expectations prior to entering Kindergarten.

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